Ticks spread disease. It is important to avoid them in the wilderness. It is also important to use a bug spray free of chemicals. Let’s look at the way ticks, mosquitoes and other insects behave to see what is needed in an effective bug spray.

When you find a tick on your arm or in your hair it has most certainly crawled all the way up your body from either your foot or leg.  Ticks wait in the highest levels of vegetation for a host.  As our least favorite blood sucking parasites, ticks climb to these perches. They then extend their legs in what is referred to as questing posture. 

Ticks Can Sense Your Presence

   Ticks possess olfactory sensory structures on their front legs (Haller’s organs) that can detect an approaching host.  This process is in effect helping the tick smell a potential host using its own legs.  This is one of the main reasons for using Certified Organic Eucalyptus Lemon Oil in our Bug Repellent.  We believe it short circuits these sensors thus confusing the tick as to whether or not a human is passing.  Both feedback and testing have shown it to be extremely effective against ticks (as well as mosquitos and other pests).

   Ticks also use these sensors to pick up on a potential hosts CO2 emissions as well as any possible foul odors emanating from it.  They even sense changes in temperature as the potential host approaches.  Using all of these factors a tick can sense when and where to attach to a passing host; some tick species are also able to move quickly in its direction.  The tick then moves upward on the host in its efforts to find an ideal feeding area.

   We have developed our new Organic Insect Repellent using all natural ingredients for the purpose of short circuiting these parasites. Organic Eucalyptus Oil is the only natural compound considered by the CDC to be as effective as DEET in repelling pests such as mosquitos.  Our Repellent is certified organic and extremely effective.  It also comes with free shipping and a money back guarantee (as well as a pleasant odor).  We make a strong bug spray using only plant products, not chemicals.

Ticks and Humidity

Ticks and mosquitoes thrive in humid conditions.  The drying effects of the sun are dangerous to both types of insects.  Ticks, which are arachnids, are especially susceptible to air humidity as they are unable to drink water and receive moisture entirely from the air. An in depth study found that the survival rates of ticks drops off significantly between 75% and 82% relative humidity.  Ticks exposed to drier (75% RH) air for over four hours were over nine times more likely to die than ticks exposed to more humid (82% RH) air for the same time period.    This explains why tick populations drop off in dry conditions.  Other humidity variances showed further drops in survival rates but this 7% shift was by far the most severe. 

Ticks can live for years and will seek refuge in dark wet areas such as under dead leaves.  Ticks will stay away from large grassy fields but can survive indefinitely in forests containing a thick tree cover.

Still water is their main hangout

An inch of standing water is the absolute best condition for a mosquito population.  Females can lay eggs easier in still conditions.  They can lay 50-300 eggs at a time.  Females pick the edges of ponds and lakes but another perfect setting is a wheelbarrow left outside or a stack of old tires.  Most American properties are small and well kept, but larger yards in rural areas are more prone to have man-made conditions female mosquitoes love.

Mostquitoes can die when exposed to direct sunlight for as little as one minute.  They also hate wind as it knocks their flimsy frames around and distorts the fragrances emitted by their pray.  The prime time of day for mosquitoes to come out and feed starts around 20 minutes before sunset and lasts for approximately 2.5 hours.

Using an Effective Bug Spray From Nature

Our Plant Based insect repellent is now at the height of its fourth season. The feedback has been overwhelming positive.  I’ve been using this natural bug spray recipe for five years. It has kept me safe during the heavy seasons of both ticks and mosquitoes.  

  It is very exciting to hear positive feedback from people who work full time deep in the woods.  People have let me know that it even keeps biting flies away when they’re deep in the wilderness logging. Others have noted the effectiveness in some areas that seem to be a sea of ticks in 2018.   

Better Bug Spray From Nature

  The confidence I have in this product comes from testing out many different formulas to see which combination of my main ingredients is most effective.  I have a small, mosquito-clad swamp deep in back of my house which makes for a great testing area.  The kind of space that in the evening looks like a fog of the annoying little bugs.  This formula keeps me bite free there for hours.  And with this heavy tick season I can be sure that my dog is tick free in the morning wearing the repellent while I am almost guaranteed to see one on her if I do not spray her with it.  

We make our natural bug spray in the Catskills to protect people from the bug world while exclusively using the repelling properties of plants; Mother Nature’s natural insect deterrents.  Try a bottle of our bug spray today with a 100% money back guarantee. Experience the power of plant-based repellents made from the highest quality ingredients. The NIH has many articles about Eucalyptus lemon oil being effective.

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