Last weeks AFC Championship win puts Tom Brady and the New England Patriots back in the Superbowl for the third straight year.  This AFC title match was Brady’s 13th since 2002.  This number is astonishing seeing that he was inactive in 2008 which means that over this span Brady has played in 13 of 16 AFC Championship games he was eligible for (81.3%).  No quarterback or team has ever dominated the sport like this.  Recently, Tom’s age has also been a factor in his list of firsts and records.  Last year he became the first quarterback to start a Super Bowl while in his forties.  This years game will extend that record.

   When Brady was turning 40 he was talking in interviews about playing until the age of 45 or 46; far exceeding career longevity in modern times where virtually all quarterbacks retire by their mid to late 30’s.  It seemed far-fetched, but Brady was sure of his projection and has always been willing to talk about the determination, diet and exercise necessary to help him achieve this goal.  

   In his book, “The TB Method,” Brady writes, “It really doesn’t matter how much exercise you do if you’re not eating the right food and providing your body the right nutrients.”  He also makes references to anti-inflammatory foods and the importance of keeping an alkaline diet.  He writes of alkalinity achieved by eating a diet rich in high-Ph foods like vegetables which help him with everything from keeping a high energy level to preventing bone fractures.  

  A high Ph diet to prevent broken bones is an angle never stressed specifically by a professional athlete before.  Modern science backs this up completely.  For instance, when a diet is acidic (as opposed to alkaline), the circulatory system as well as many other parts of the body are fighting to maintain alkalinity.  To compensate for this the body can draw calcium from its skeleton to pass along to the blood and boost its Ph level.  This continual process helps the blood while at the same time compromising the skeletons strength.. 

   These are the ideas that brought about this website in the first place.  Life, Not Labs refers to the fact that the modern world provides too many chemicals and processed foods which are having a severe effect on our society.  High obesity and cancer rates are part of what is perhaps the biggest threat to the western world. 

   Our product line has been established as an option available for people to have food based, organic food sourced supplements in a world where even the vitamin industry itself is 99% synthetic.  High quality Organic Chlorella Tablets were chosen as our flagship product because it is the worlds perfect nutrient.  Literally the greenest/high Ph substance in the natural world.  These are Ph boosting tablets for anyone trying to achieve alkalinity in their diet while at the same time consuming an extremely high protein/vitamin dense organic food source.

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