Plant Based Insect Repellent

Our Plant Based insect repellent is now at the height of its second season and the feedback has been overwhelming positive.  I’ve been using this recipe for years and it has kept me safe during the heavy seasons of both ticks and mosquitoes.  
  It is very exciting to hear positive feedback from people who work full time deep in the woods.  People have let me know that it even keeps biting flies away when they’re deep in the wilderness logging while others have noted the effectiveness in some areas that seem to be a sea of ticks in 2018.   
  The confidence I have in this product comes from testing out many different formulas to see which combination of my main ingredients is most effective.  I have a small, mosquito-clad swamp deep in back of my house which makes for a great testing area.  The kind of space that in the evening looks like a fog of the annoying little bugs.  This formula keeps me bite free there for hours.  And with this heavy tick season I can be sure that my dog is tick free in the morning wearing the repellent while I am almost guaranteed to see one on her if I do not spray her with it.  
   This product is made in the Catskills to protect people from the bug world while exclusively using the repelling properties of plants; Mother Nature’s natural insect deterrents.  Try a bottle today with a 100% money back guarantee and experience the power of plant-based repellents made from the highest quality ingredients.

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