There seemingly endless articles on both sides of the argument as to the precise benefits of a high PH/alkaline diet.  Most experts agree that a higher PH diet leads to better health. A testimonial to these benefits is outlines in Tom Brady’s new book, The TB12 Method; How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance. In the diet section of this book he goes into extensive benefits of an alkaline diet and how it has helped him carry an amazingly successful sports career into his forties, recently becoming the first 40 year old quarterback to start in a Super Bowl.
    In todays health world the word Alkaline is associated with a diet rich is green foods such as broccoli and especially high alkaline super foods such as Chlorella and Spirulina.  These algaes are amoung the highest pH level foods on earth and help boost a overall pH level of a diet.  
   The naming of the pH scale was first created in 1909 by S.P.L. Sorensen and the meaning of the small ‘p’ is disputed even to this day (the H is for hydrogen).  According to the Carlsberg Laboratory, where it was created the ‘p’ stands for potenz; a German word for power.  Others believe the abbreviation stands for pondus hydrogennii (quantity of hydrogen). 
    A high pH diet protects all of the major systems in your body.  Alkalinity nourishes the digestive track, protects bone loss by reducing the need to draw minerals to the blood and is especially helpful for maintaining clear skin.  A simple single cell algae such as Chlorella counterbalances a modern diet rich in processed foods and meats.

Healthier Bones

Bones play an important role in maintaining cardiovascular systemic balance.  Blood and fluids must remain slightly alkaline.  Our arterial blood PH needs to stay in a very small range; (7.4 plus minus only .05 ph units).  One main rescue mechanism in maintaining homeostasis is the mineral content of the skeleton itself.  
   Even a slight eccess in acidity over time can lead to significant bone damage. Todays American diet is net acid forming and research suggests that this can lead to significant bone loss.  Modern diets are heavy in protein, fats and carbohydrates while lacking in essential minerals such as iron and magnesium. These pH boosting minerals come from diets rich in fruits vegetables and nuts. 
   Recent research suggests that the modern average American diet can cause enough mineral loss (between ages 20-80) to deplete approximately one half of a females skeletal calcium and at least one third the calcium in a male skeleton. 
The human blood system is both the driver and transporter of life.  Modern diets are causing a major disruption to the average Americans cardiovascular system.  Alkaline diets protect reserves of minerals in the skeleton.  An alkaline diet is rich in alkalizing mineral compounds that counter diet induced metabolic acids; thus relieving the need to draw minerals away from the bones.  Replacing a processed food meal with a salad is a step in the right direction of protecting ones bones.  Our Organic Chlorella Tablets and Organic Spirulina Tablets were chosen as two of our first products as they are Earths two greenest super foods;  high Alkaline daily tablets to help maintain alkalinity in the blood.

TB12 Method : How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance; Tom Brady

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