Air In Homes Can Be More Polluted than in cities

 A persons home is their sanctuary.  Be it an apartment or a spacious farm, ones living area is a place to relax and perhaps spend a majority of ones time.  The average person spends around one third of their lives just sleeping at home.  The vast majority of the air a person breaths is from the confines of this abode.    

   Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder say the average house has air quality levels comparable to a major city.  They also determined synthetic cleaning products are a major part of a problem with most homes being found in need of major ventilation.  Cooking was also to blame with activities such as cooking over a gas stove and even toasting raising harmful particle levels to dangerous levels

Shampoos, perfumes, and cleaning products produce airborne chemicals in our houses but at higher concentrations than previously thought. Researchers measured the indoor air quality of a 1,200-square-foot manufactured home using special sensors and monitors. For over a month they performed various household activities, including cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner. 

   These results are obvious.  Cooking with gas in an improperly ventilated area contributes to unhealthy breathing. Cleaning products contain many synthetic chemicals that stay embedded in the floor walls and other parts of the home.  Cleaning with white vinegar is a safe, natural way to make a home sanitary and is very effective (I personally have been cleaning this way for close to a decade).  Another crucial element in the test was the lack of plants.  They are natures perfect air filters with zero side effects.  Plants process carbon and other non-breathable particles out of the air and contribute to a healthy living area.  

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