Our Story

Life Not Labs was founded to give consumers plant based vitamin options in a market of synthetic supplements. What sets our products apart from any other vitamin company is oversight and purity. All of our capsules are manually-pressed in tray capsule makers in an Amish made building.

James Quinn, BA UMASS Amherst 1998, is a researcher and started this website in 2015. Most people know him as the first person to combine Quercetin, Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D in the spring of 2020. James has been making vitamins for over a decade, and his client base includes many doctors, pharmacists and nutritionists.. He also makes vitamins for professional athletes, including players in both the NFL and Major League Soccer.

He lives in the Catskill Mountains where he has been maintaining an organic garden for over a decade. Life, Not Labs is his life’s work and is one of the first websites to offer vitamins through actual super food extracts rather than chemicals.

James Quinn

Hi there, I’m James.

Founder of LIFE NOT LABS

James Quinn at your service. I started this website in 2015 to provide consumers with a plant-based alternative in a supplement industry where over 99% of vitamins are synthetic and made in a lab.  I’ve been in the Catskills Mountains for nearly 20 years in what I consider to be nature’s perfect setting.  Every summer makes me a better gardener and we are located at the epicenter of upstate New York’s beekeeping and maple syrup industries.  Our products are also sold in independently owned stores and small chains (mostly in upstate New York).

Our Goal

To provide consumers with an option for buying vitamins as they actually exist in nature

Organic Chlorella Tablets, Organic Certificate


99% of vitamins consumed in the United States are made in a lab using chemicals.  This is the darkest truth in the supplement industry.  Not only are these products synthetic but they are selling molecules that are different from the vitamins they are trying to recreate.  Some synthetic vitamins are not recognized by the human body while many others produce side effects.


Working with experts in nutrition from many Universities as well as experts in Eastern and Holistic Medicine, we have assembled a product line that offers organic, super food extract alternatives to help meet vitamin requirements.

Life Not Labs Logo
Life Not Labs Logo


We use the most pure, natural organic ingredients available- untampered just as they are found in nature. To learn more about these health benefits please visit our blog. If you have any questions please contact us!

We are dedicated to our community and have set goals which enable us to give back, always remember,
a product is only as good as the ingredients that are in it and the goal of its creators.

JAMES quinn, ceo
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The Early Days

James Quinn is a 1998 graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. A vegetarian nearly all of his adult life, he studied nutrition and chemistry extensively in college along with investment finance. His philosophy on eating is based on the idea that a diet rich in clean water and raw vegetables is the key to a healthy aging process. After college he returned to Boston to work with financial institutions for several years before relocating again to New York City. He has always considered NYC to be his hometown, even since the days when his dad was a chauffeur and would bring him along on many trips transporting wealthy tycoons on trips between the two cities. NYC has allowed him to work in many fields, including television production where he has appeared for decades on both sides of the camera.  Since 2015 his main focus has been expanding this website with the hopes of raising health awareness.


A business owner with a vision of keeping the world healthy


Born on Boston Harbor, James has been a life long nautical enthusiast. Relocating to the Catskills in 2004 forced him to trade in sale boats for kayaks and the allure of the wilderness of Upstate New York was well worth the trade in. Being in the foothills of the Catskills allows the perfect balance between the wilderness and the outskirts of the country’s largest metropolis. His garden grows each years and in the summer of 2019 he and his wife welcomed their son, James Stephen into the world. James has a passion for nature and all of the thousands of species surrounding them along the Neversink River and Catskills State Park. All of our products are made in or packaged here.


James Quinn has a degree from The University of Massachusetts at Amherst and has a thorough background in nutrition and chemistry,  Some of his professors played key roles in the inspiration for the products sold on this website which is dedicated to pure healthy food based vitamins.  His nutritional passion is for education on the benefits of algae for dietary supplementation; specifically chlorella which is the Earth’s greenest food.  He spends most of his free time outdoors in the Catskills Mountains.

three blue ceramic clay spoons with flax seeds, chlorella powder, matcha and maca


If your order is over $40 you get free shipping to anywhere in the continental United State. We look forward to meeting your health needs!

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