Less than ideal conditions at the Boston Marathon for a second straight year but adverse conditions can be a godsend to some runners.  Last years winter conditions led to a victory by Japanese citizen Yuki Kawauchi, who specialized it cold climate running and also had the rare distinction of being someone fully employed in a profession outside of running.  The average runners worst weather is his marathon dream day.

2019 brought better conditions with temps ranging 40s-50s and only a little precipitation.  The highlight of the day was a near photo finish in the mens group between Lawrence Cherono of Kenya barely edging out Lelisa Desisa Benti of Ethipia by a little over one second.  This was actually tied for the third closest Boston Marathon finish ever.  Worknesh Degefa of Ethiopia won the womens race in her first ever Boston Marathon attempt.  This is an amazing feat as the course is known to be one of the most difficult in the major marathon circuit.

20 year old Daniel Romanchuk became the youngest wheelchair winner in that category ever and also the first American to win it since 1993.  In the womens wheelchair it was Switzerlands Manuela Schar taking her second Boston victory (she also won in 2017). 

Here are the top 5 winners lists for the main four categories.  It is important to note that the top 25 finishers win prize money in the mens and womens fields while the top ten win prize money in the two main wheelchair races (this mostly has to do with the much larger numbers of participants in the two foot races).

Men’s Race

  1. Lawrence Cherono: 2:07:57
  2. Lelisa Desisa Benti: 2:07:59
  3. Kenneth Kipkemoi: 2:08:07
  4. Felix Kandie: 2:08:54
  5. Geoffrey Kirui: 2:08:55

Women’s Race

  1. Worknesh Degefa: 2:23:31
  2. Edna Kiplagat: 2:24:13
  3. Jordan Hasay: 2:25:20
  4. Meskerem Assefa: 2:25:40
  5. Des Linden: 2:27:00

Men’s Wheelchair

  1. Daniel Romanchuk: 1:21:36
  2. Masazumi Soejima: 1:24:30
  3. Marcel Hug: 1:26:42
  4. Aaron Pike: 1:27:09
  5. Ernst van Dyk: 1:27:23

Women’s Wheelchair

  1. Manuela Schár: 1:34:19
  2. Tatyana McFadden: 1:41:35
  3. Madison de Rozario: 1:41:36
  4. Eliza Ault-Connell: 1:41:46
  5. Susannah Scaroni: 1:42:34
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