While the world is seemingly still in a panic over the corona virus, this website would like to remind its readers and customers that all of our products are made with ingredients purchased inside the United States. It has been this websites plan from day one to provide top quality ingredients to its customers. I personally take every product that is sold on this website so it is important to me personally on many levels.

One may also think of it in terms of insurance. If ingredients are purchased from overseas the probability of an Asian company being held responsible for providing contaminated ingredients is very low. That’s a risk this website would never take on any level, but that’s out of respect to the consumers well being. Why compromise a persons health or the viability of a business just to save a little money? Most of the products in our store contain ingredients from Florida and California. These are two areas known for sunshine as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. Other ingredients we use literally come from just around the corner. We use triple-filtered beeswax harvested from the virgin woods of the Catskills Mountain Range in all of our Catskills Gold lip balms.

A silver lining to a situation like the corona virus epidemic is that individuals can gauge how much they can trust their products. Can you trust the supplement company you purchase from? Can you reach out to someone at the company and have them assure you that all of their ingredients are sourced domestically? Burt’s Bees for example is owned by Clorox. Can you imagine how many tons of ingredients they purchase from China every year? The numbers are outrageous. Johnson and Johnson relies on nearly ten thousand different items from China annually. Much of the news deals with possible production slowdowns due to importation holds while the corona virus is investigated. Human lives are much more important than any amount of profit. Small businesses realize this better than conglomerates.

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