Why is a marathon 26.2 miles?

This website was started seven years ago in order to give consumers a plant-based alternative to synthetic vitamins which made up over 99% of the supplement industry. Consumers did not know that they were taking chemical compounds that were placed in bottles that merely had pictures of organges and cherries on them. The supplement industry, built on deceit, had become a multi-billion dollar industry. We hope this website has played a roll increasing awareness of just how rare food vitamins are, as well as how the benefits of them.

We are still in the middle of a pandemic, and most people (78%) of hospitalized Covid-19 cases are people who are obese. This website encourages anyone to try and shift the calorie situation in their lives. This pandemic is 20 months old. This means that a person who merely lost just one pound a month would be down 20 pounds by now. A weight difference that would take tens of millions of Americans out of the obese category. Someone who was a 100 pounds over weight could have lost almost all of those extra pounds (87) by losing only a pound a week. This minimal weight loss can be achieved with minimal effort.

I call on anyone who is trying to lose weight, to think of the journey in small parts. Can you cut out 10 percent of your caloric intake, and replace that with extra calories burned? If someone can trim 10% of their daily diet, and replace those calories consumed with calories burned, they will be headed towards a healthier lifestyle, without the stress of a major commitment. Smaller portions in a 2000 calorie a day diet can easily remove 200 calories. That same person should then take a brisk walk at some point during the day to burn that same amount. A two hundred pound person walking for 25 minutes burns just over 200 calories. Someone swapping out ten percent of their calories in this way can start to feel stronger, healthier and lighter in only three weeks.

Someone who sticks to this 10% shift should expect to lose ten pounds within a month. But here’s where someone can accelerate change. Now that you’ve succeeded in stage one, why not make that 10% change again, from the remaining 90% of daily calories. For example, a person who cut out 200 calories, and is now at around 1800 daily, can remove an additional 180 calories from their daily diet, and add another 15-20 minutes to their daily exercise routine. If exercise is unpleasant, try to think of how much healthier and happier you’ll feel as the pounds start to come off.

The goal of this plan is to not make anyone feel overwhelmed. It’s tough for most people to truly count calories, so it is important for the individual to trust their own judgement when decreasing portions. I just feel it is a good way for someone who does not work out to relate to someone who does. As someone who has been jogging for nearly 30 years, it is important to have realistic goals. Right now, a six minute mile is not realistic because I’ve been parenting nearly all the time I don’t work. But going for two, 10k jogs a week is something I can fit into my schedule. I just want people to know that they can get good results from applying themselves to minor, simple changes. This website was started in order to give people healthy vitamin choices. It is just important that you become more active right now as well. See how many 10% shifts you can make. If you can make two or three, chances are you will look and feel great. This moment is the youngest you will be for the rest of your life. Prepare for a healthier future!

This blog post is currently being worked on. I like to keep info current so post as writing occurs – 11/12/21

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