We provide consumers with an option for buying vitamins as they  actually exist in nature; unaltered and in pure form.

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We work around the clock to ensure availability of all our products.  We look forward to completing our fulfillment process, and are focused on building our relationships with customers.  We also appreciate feedback and requests for new products.


Our process is simple, only natural ingredients and nothing is genetically modified. Natural processes are interactions among plants, animals, and the environment. We ensure the highest quality ingredients for maximum food based absorption. 


We use only organic products to keep our promise of all natural to you. Your health is the most important part of your life. Maintain a healthy balance in your life with our wide line of products. Life, Not Labs wants to be a part of your journey.

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Take the challenge today. If you think otherwise, keep the vitamins and we will give you a full refund

Why Us

99% of vitamins consumed in the United States are made in a lab using chemicals. This is one of the darkest truths in the supplement industry. Not only are these products synthetic but they are selling different molecules from the vitamins they are trying to recreate. Some synthetic vitamins are not recognized by the human body while many others produce side effects. The mission of is to provide consumers with an option for buying vitamins as they actually exist in nature. Working with experts in nutrition from many Universities as well as experts in Eastern and Holistic Medicine, we have assembled a product line that offers food based alternatives for meeting vitamin requirements.

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